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Brian & Charles heading to the Marché

The big-screen version of dark comedy Brian And Charles is ready to hit the market at Cannes, and has been honoured with inclusion in the British Film Council's Great8, which showcases emerging Brit filmmakers to international distributors and festival programmers.

Brian and Charles (2021), Comedy

Director: Jim Archer

Writer: David Earl, Chris Hayward

Cast: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey, Jamie Michie, Nina Sosanya

Executive Producers: Damian Jones, Mary Burke, Ollie Madden, Lauren Dark

Producer: Rupert Majendie

Line Producer: John Palfery-Smith

Production: Mr Box, BFI, Film4

Sales: Bankside Films

Synopsis: Brian lives alone in a remote Welsh valley. Something of an outcast, he spends his spare time inventing things and one day decides to build a robot for company. Charles is not only Brian’s most successful invention, but it appears to have a personality all its own. However, it creates more problems than Brian bargained for, and the timid inventor has to face up to several issues in his life: his eccentric ways, a local bully, and a woman he’s always been fond of but never had the nerve to talk to.

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